We are Brand Emotion

The leading radio and audio branding company in Romania.

We produced over 20.000 audio elements and commercials for premium clients:

Baneasa Shopping City
Elmec Romania
Profi Rom Food
Fiterman Pharma

...and many, many more.

Our touch created the sound imaging and audio identity for:

Vibe FM
Radio ZU
Radio 21
Radio Brasov
Music Channel
Dream FM
Better FM

Branding is Emotion.
Emotion is the motivation behind the most of our decisions.

We connect your customers with your brand

...by motivating the key emotional triggers that make people act.

Radio imaging and audio branding

Branding and Re-Branding
Jingles, Sweepers, FX’s, Beds
Audio Logos
Audio representative Id
Voice Company Recognition
Custom Advertising Production

Professional commercials and ads

In the time of “multimedia world” and a market that is always getting more competitive, it’s all about making your Brand stand out from the rest. We have a way of giving your brand competitive advantage.

Focus your brand. Give people a clear picture of your company's culture.
Be different. Illustrate your uniqueness and strengths to your target customers.
Get a personality. Bring to your brand a human soul.
Build a community. It's about us and more of us.

Brand Emotion | Express your brand feelings

How does your brand sound?
Make the audio connection.
In this way the product will remain stored in the customer’s brain.


We connect customers with your brand

  • Audio branding
  • Express your brand feelings with more than words and pictures.
  • Believe in communication which consists in more than words and pictures.
    Believe in communication that takes into account all human senses.
    Believe in communication that differentiates and express your brand values.
  • Communication and marketing strategy
  • Connect your customers with your brand.
  • The brand is loyalty.
    The brand is communication of qualities and values.
    The brand is experience and trust.
    But you need to distinguish your identity from the others with... Emotional Branding.
  • Media channels
  • Create the mood of your brand with your own media channel.
  • Personalize your music program.
    Promote your brand in store and online 360°.
    Create jingles with your brand identity.
    Integrate your own ads and promotions.


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