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We are FRESH and friendly Our friends are the customers!

We are listening to their needs and we are creating the best experiences.


Creativity is our weapon.

What we do

We are one of the leading audio branding companies in Romania. Our touch created the sound imaging and audio identity for Vibe FM, Radio 21, Radio ZU, Antena Stars, Radio Brasov, Music Channel, Dream FM, Better FM and over 20.000 commercials for premium clients : BMW, Baneasa Shopping City, LIDL, Hornbach, Nike, Elmec Romania,TVR, Profi, Fiterman Pharma, Pescariu Sports and Spa, LENOVO, Paralela 45 .. and many, many more.


We express feelings trough:

Professional commercials

Professional imaging

Experience events

Media channels


Brand Identity

Brand positioning

Events management

Because – branding is emotion


Communication and marketing strategy

Branding is Emotion

Emotion is the motivation behind the most of our decisions.

Focus your brand. Give people a clear picture of your company’s culture.
Be different. Illustrate your uniqueness and strengths to your target customers. 

Get a personality. Bring to your brand a human soul.
Build a community. It’s about us and more of us.

The art of adding emotional triggers is our definition of branding

Brand Emotion

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